Wind-Farm Substations

Renewable Energy Wind Turbine Generators and Gas Turbine Generators

With the advantage of 4 decades of experience in the oil and gas energy industry, Sembmarine SLP has an enviable record with regard to renewable energy and power generation capability. Whether it is a stand-alone facility or combined within a production module or deck, we offer value-added, optimised solutions for various renewable energy developments.

As with all projects, a fully commissioned module is part of our philosophy with commissioning teams and associated electrical engineers and electrical technicians forming part of this process, thus eliminating costly offshore operations.

Previous projects have included a single module with over 21 MW of installed power using six gas turbine generators. At the other end of the scale we are familiar with the installation of wind turbine generators that provide back-up power on offshore installations.

Services provided include:

  • Supply of wind turbine foundations, offshore substations and meteorological masts under EPC or EPIC contracts
  • Offshore wind farm project development
  • Engineering and project management
  • Marine technology development

With renewable energy sources set to become one of UK's most valuable assets, we understand the importance of delivering the end result safely, to the highest quality, within budget and on time.

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