Production and Process Modules

Sembmarine SLP has extensive experience in the manufacture of offshore production, process, drilling and utility modules, including EPC capability. Due to the particular requirements of production and process module fabrication, we have developed a number of specialised systems and techniques to assist in the efficient management of these projects:

Construction Planning

The 3D CAD model is used to the fullest extent for construction planning and progress monitoring. Multi-discipline outfitting sequences are tracked by taking staged views, suitably colour coded and rendered in the CAD model.

Pipework Management

A comprehensive pipework management system is operated which tracks pipework by isometric (for AFC drawing issue), by spool (for fabrication/erection) and by system (for mechanical completion and hydro-testing).

Systems and Equipment 

Our utility modules include process related equipment such as metering and gas analysis systems, fuel gas packages, gas compression and dehydration systems, 3 phase gas separators, TEG regeneration packages, process vessels, condensate pumps, vent systems including knockout drums and towers or booms, chemical injection storage, distribution and injection, slugcatchers, pig launchers and receivers along with utility items such as air compressor packages, line of sight and satellite communications, diesel and gas turbine driven generators, secure power supply systems, personnel emergency evacuation systems, cantilevered aluminium helideck, and a crane with anything up to 25 tonne lift capacity.

Onshore Commissioning 

Onshore commissioning to the maximum extent possible on a multi-discipline basis is key to the successful completion of our offshore modules. Our well defined procedures ensure that once installed offshore there is the minimum of delay before production commences.