Offshore Services Group

With our unparalleled experience in the oil and gas industry, Sembmarine SLP’s skilled Offshore Team offers a first rate support service. The Offshore Services Group becomes involved from the early stages of contract award for any project (be it greenfield or brownfield) identifying the work-scope and generating the construction work-packs.

This allows us to build up a complete picture and a high level plan identifying all necessary man-hours, trade splits, materials and activities necessary to complete the offshore work-scope. Our highly skilled, in-house labour is then used to facilitate the works offshore.

A brief overview of our service capabilities are as follows:

  • Hook-up and commissioning
  • Riser hook-up, PD 8010 testing and commissioning
  • Rig interface and de-interface, supply of bridging equipment, ESD interfaces, etc 
  • Structural, piping and E&I modifications (brownfield and greenfield)
  • New flow-lines
  • Destruct work-scopes and package removal 
  • Installation of new packaged equipment such as Proppant Skids (De-sanders)
  • Deck, grating and handrail repair and replacement 
  • Assistance to drilling operations during interventions, work-overs and conductor guides 
  • Supports, Xmas tree replacement, vent system modifications and repairs, hot-taps, etc 
  • Hydraulic power unit modifications and repairs (new drawer units, etc) 
  • Control system updates 
  • Helideck modifications, upgrades and replacements
  • Lifeboat testing and repairs
  • Crane load testing and repairs 
  • Offshore surveys

Once the work starts offshore, our Supervisors report back to the office daily with a full update of expended productive and non-productive hours, completed activities and so on. This information is fed back into the electronic work-pack and planning tool, giving real-time progress reporting capability.