Minimum Facility Platforms (MFP)

Sembmarine SLP has been a market leader in the design and construction of Minimum Facilities Platforms (MFP) operating in the North Sea for nearly two decades. This has been achieved by skilfully developing proven designs (including the SeaHarvester © concept, exclusively licenced from Seahorse Platform Partners Ltd), and delivering the end result safely, to the highest quality, within budget and on time.

MFPs are ideally suited for marginal field developments, where fast, innovative, low cost solutions are required.

Our MFPs incorporate standard and therefore cost effective engineering techniques and have, to date, been successfully operated by six different client organisations since 1996 in varying and challenging operational conditions.

The main features of Sembmarine SLP’s Normally Unmanned Installations (NUI) are as follows:

  • Cost effective standard but adaptable modular design
  • Fast track construction timescales
  • Standardised quick installation approach
  • Reduced offshore hook-up time
  • Operations and driller friendly
  • Long fatigue life to reduce sub-sea inspection requirements
  • Reduced operator/maintenance visit frequency
  • Reliable track record with established UK Safety Case Legislation
  • Minimal environmental loadings 

Our MFP design captures the minimum requirements for a range of applications such as wellhead platforms, Riser platforms, Mini Production platforms and Offshore power generation whilst being flexible enough to cater for the different objectives of a variety of clients and locations. Designed to reduce the operational and utility requirements to the bare minimum, sembmarine SLP’s Minimum Facilities Platforms achieve high reliability, ease of construction and replication.

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