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SLP safety benefits local charities

– 17th August 2016

On Thursday 11th August Sembmarine SLP held their latest Safety Observation Scheme (SOS) charity awards where cheques amounting to £11,500 were given to 9 local charities.  The scheme encourages employees and subcontractors to keep safety conscious and in return SLP contribute to a charity fund as a reward for safe working.  SLP clients are also encouraged to contribute and current clients Siemens Transmission and Distribution Limited and Statoil, whose Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm substation has been successfully completed at SLP’s Hamilton Road site, have been supporting SLP to boost the fund.

The awards, which took place at the Orbis Centre in Lowestoft, were attended by the charity representatives, members of SLP staff and representatives from Siemens Transmission and Distribution Ltd (STDL).

SLP employees were asked to nominate local charities or causes which they would like to see benefit from the scheme.  The charities chosen included:

Oliver Wittington, a local 5-year-old boy with cerebral palsy going through post-operative physiotherapy, Kirkley and Pakefield under 15’s girls football team, Cruse Bereavement Care – Suffolk area, The Ashley School Academy Trust to fund their new sensory room, Pathways Care Farm providing vulnerable people the opportunity to experience hands-on farming activities, Lowestoft Riding for the Disabled helping people with physical and mental disabilities improve their wellbeing through horse-riding, Red Oak Primary School for their gardens and recreational areas, East Anglian Air Ambulance and Finnbar York a 5-year-old boy diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumour.

Matthew Wooltorton, Sembmarine SLP Project Manager, said: “Being able to make donations to local charities, clubs and causes is down to everyone who worked on the project being committed to safety, only when we deliver the exceptional performance we have are we able to make these donations.  It is a proud moment to be able to hand over the cheques and see the real difference it makes.”

John Davidson, STDL Project Manager, said: “Being involved in such a great scheme and seeing first-hand the impact and benefit it brings to deserving causes within the community will stand out in the future as being one of the highlights of my career.”

The SLP Safety Observation Scheme encourages all persons working at or visiting SLP to actively look out for unsafe acts or conditions, highlight positive actions and take action to prevent accidents and incidents occurring.

The latest awards ceremony has brought SLP’s charitable donations to over £330,000.

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